Sally and Edith in Europe

LIANZA Travelling Scholarship


Liverpool Central Library

Amazing renovation of an older 1950’s library.  Achieving so much in the space, beautiful atrium, creative lighting, flow and stunning reuse of old spaces.  Very inspirational and a challenge to us all in our planning and designing of amazing public spaces.  The place is humming with hundreds of proud Liverpudlian visitors as well as a few tourists.  I have bagged myself an Everton ‘Love the Blues’ library card too.  Architectural drawings of the refurbished Central Library, due to open in 2012.

Special features include a stunning children’s space with a spiral walkway in lime green down on the floor, the ‘Picton Room’; domed with a whispering ceiling (I tried it), a roof terrace where you can veiw the city while you get blown to bits by the fierce northern wind,  and the integration of the old ‘Hornby Library’ into the new space.  I love they way the Brits can mix old with new and are proud of their buildings no matter what age they are.  Very nicely done.


I didn’t have a meeting here so don’t know stats etc but they seem immaterial when you are here.

p.s I have managed to upload some photos since the first version of this post.  I hope they give you a taster of how gorgeous this all is.