Sally and Edith in Europe

LIANZA Travelling Scholarship

Library Love


When I set out on this journey the one library that excited me the most was Hjorring in northern Denmark.  The meandering red ribbon that wanders through the  building and the sense of fun in the design were instantly appealing. I was excited to get there, a bit too excited really because when I look at my photos they don’t really represent the library in its best light.

The perfection of the situation happened when I got a random Skype call from my family…free wifi for visitors, no strings, no library card, just given…anyway, the call comes through and in my excitement I start showing them the library.  Nic was beside himself and wanted to visit immediately.  But the absolute best bit was when I showed him some boys interacting with a guy from the local aquarium who has some interesting fish on ice. Instantly the boys and Nic and the aquarium guy and I were having a complicated excited conversation in several languages.Image
It was one of those moments that you couldn’t orchestrate and can only happen through the miracle of technology and the miracle of libraries that understand what the future of great libraries is going to be.ImageImage
Not only does Hjorring have a gorgeous library, they are also providing their community with outstanding service and they are committed to this every day. I just LOVED that moment and will treasure it always as it confirmed that what I do for a living is relevant and worthwhile and although the challenges remain, we do have a future and we can make libraries relevant if we continue to listen to,  think about and deliver what our communities want.

2 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. loved this story Sally

  2. So happy to be a part of your story 🙂

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