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Halmstad Foyer

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I am on the train journey from Halmstad to Copenhagen and it is raining outside so viewing opportunities are limited. Can’t wait for the bridge though so I will be pausing for that excitement.

Well, Halmstad library. The foyer(refer to previous Halmstad post) didn’t even register in my mind when I got there, so I recall seeing was a small white board with some directions which I couldn’t read. People were sitting on the bright green furniture working on laptops and reading papers. An oddly quiet thing to be doing in a foyer I thought. The cafe was off to the left and my guide for the afternoon was waiting patiently for me to my right so I honed in in her.

I am going to go back through my photos and perhaps do a post on foyers to se if anyone has nailed it.

The similarities between this library and Christchurch’s South library were striking. Being on a river was the first and the interior colour scheme was the other. Both architects I suspect, were making reference to the green of the nature at the window when using a light architectural green on the inside. The light that a river offers and the dappling effect of the trees was also similar.

At 8,000sm this library services a population of about 50,000 and includes a large cafe and 250 seat auditorium. I think by our standards this is a generous space. Low at the start it bursts into a tremendously high ceiling height which makes full use of available light. Light is in short supply up here for many months of the year and impacts greatly on the architecture. Interestingly all the shades w down so I couldn’t see the view. There is a small balcony over the river which is well used especially for parties by various people who climb up there for dangerous fun times.


Collection is still king here and the adult stacks are huge. However, the spaces are vast and many events take place in all sorts of places within the library. Due to the long winters many events are planned and well attended in the libraries and all kinds of space and lots of provision and support is made for getting these events up and running as well has having technical staff that set up the systems and spaces. I think this shows commitment to the service and not viewing it as an add on. I know you will say, what to give up? I can think if 10 things we can give up.

In the interests of keeping this post short in will not comment further but add some photos. I am very happy to answer questions and provide more depth about any place I have visited. These posts are just tasters





One thought on “Halmstad Foyer

  1. Look forward to hearing about the ten things we are giving up Sally! Sounds like you are having a great time. See you soon. Pat

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