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Buzz about The Hive

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Sorry for the pun, it is terrible but I need to entertain myself with titles.  I am also learning how important it is to post very soon after visiting and I am way behind now.  I have taken a few hours hour of dashing around London to put my feet up in the hotel and make the most of the expensive wifi.

I am sorry to say that the exterior of the building, that I was dubious about in a previous post

did not win me over once I visited this library in scenic (but slightly depressing )Worcester. I did like the colour but the shape is still unattractive.  Turns out the architect was inspired by the surrounding Malvern Hills.

However, once you go inside things are particularly attractive and this library and Council one stop shop is a magnet for the community.  It is achieving everything that was planned.  On the day I visited a local company was using the meeting room that hangs in the air for team building, three classes from local schools turned up, the cafe was pumping, council staff were managing long queues and the volunteer tour guides were very busy.

All the interior spaces were well thought out and most worked really well. I saw the pure integration of the university collection with the public library.  A few materials were restricted but on the whole it was working wonderfully.  The local Archives and Records Office were happily displaying their wares and there busy.  Very nice work. The cafe was very busy and very nice.

As much as I want to share all the photos and notes I am going to wind is post up before I fling the iPad across the room .


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  1. Funny isn’t it but I think there is nothing to beat the old keyboard when you have a lot of text to write. I am wondering if I will regret only taking the IPad away on my trip.

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